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Son cosas del amor

Que te vaya bien

Que te vaya mal

Son cosas del amor

Que te hagan reir

Que te hagan llorar

Son cosas del amor

Que haiga llegado yo a tu corazon

Son cosas del amor

Ya no llores muchachita

No estes pensando en el

Eres apenas una niña

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Cosas del Amor (En Vivo)

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Have you heard "Cosas del Amor (En Vivo)" by Luis R Conriquez, Tony Aguirre, Larry, Los Dareyes de la Sierra? What do you think of the instrumentation in this live version? Share your opinion in the comments and join the #Discovery. 💬
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Carlos Bastida
This song is really cool, you can feel the intense love in the lyrics and the music is great, I really like to listen to it.
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