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Deus não se esqueceu do que te prometeu

Ainda está de pé o que Ele te falou

As vezes esperar machuca eu sei

Mas vale a pena confiar em Deus

Não é verdade que Deus te deixou

Silêncio não significa que acabou

Mas Deus tá no controle dessa situação

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Vai Se Cumprir

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ThiagoCarvalho_'s avatar
, very massive! The dance is addictive and impossible to resist, making me move my body non-stop. The lyrics are deep and make me feel a roller coaster of emotions, from joy to sadness, all in a of an eye. I need to listen again and again!
Brunasssilveira's avatar
too much! The dance is addictive, the chorus sticks to the head and the lyrics are super deep I always get excited when I listen!
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CarolinaMachado_505's avatar
Man, this song is EVERYTHING! I remember hearing it in the car with some friends, everyone singing along It gives me incredible energy!
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isabelle.oliveira's avatar
the music has an immersive dance and the lyrics are very rhythmic. I liked the voice, but I thought the lyrics are a little at certain times.
ThierryMenezes's avatar
of too much time! It's the kind of sound that makes you vibrate and want to dance until dawn. The beat is amazing and the lyrics are super immersive. I want more!
Guilherme.Silveira's avatar
I was blinding my car and listening to this song, when I felt that everyone was looking at me, I noticed the volume of the sound was very loud, hahaha
mariana_sant's avatar
man, this song Vai Se Cumprir by Pedro Henrique can't get out of my head! The dance is contagious and the lyrics are so fun and exciting. I love how she makes me want to dance and sing along!
fanclubedoCaetanoVeloso's avatar
oh, this song moves me! It's the immersive rhythm and the contagious dance that make me want to dance non-stop. There's no way to stand still when I listen to Pedro Henrique's Vai Se Cumprir. Just give play and let your body sway!
PatrickOliveira's avatar
I didn't think it will accomplish anything too much, it's more like a generic song that doesn't bring anything new or exciting
GustavoFerreira's avatar
music touched me deeply. Pedro Henrique's immersive lyrics and melodies made me reflect on life and its purposes.
RaquelNunes408's avatar
This song has always been on my playlist, pure good!
.'s avatar
ous praise I believe LORD in your time will come true 🙌🏽🙌🏽❤️
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