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Eu não vou negar o que tá no meu coração

E o meu coração só tá pedindo por você

Se a gente se encontrar eu sei que vai dar bom

O meu medo é o que depois pode ser o que aconteceu

Depois das garrafas de vinho aberta

Depois de beber cada gota da taça

E a nossa música tocando na sala

Depois de falar que tava com saudade

E eu te falar que sinto sua falta

Meu chapéu caindo cê tirando a fivela

Do cinto de baixo pra cima

Cê me olha com olhar bandido

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Eu Minto (Ao Vivo)

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US Agroboy and Ana Castela continue to show that they are two of the best sertanejo artists today! The song Eu Minto is one of those that makes you want to listen again and again. The live version is really good, it just increases the emotion and animation #SertanejoTodoDia
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US Agroboy and Ana Castela are on fire with this song Eu Minto! The lyrics talk about the desire to be with someone even if it doesn't work out at the end and if I say I never went through it... I lie! hahaha #SertanejoAllDay
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hey, this is such a good song, with US Agroboy and Ana Castela! This lyrics are the real temptation, it talks about giving in to desires and then wondering if it was a good idea. This live version was excellent, the voices combine very well. I loved it. #SertanejoTodoDia
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beautiful music ❤️
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sinister, bro! The dance is heavy and the lyrics have a deep meaning. I feel like the words connect with me somehow, you know? It's like I'm singing straight to me. Without a doubt, it's one of my all-time favorite songs!
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TikTok Music Brasil
"Eu Minto" is described as a rap and pop song. The instrumentation includes drums, bass, guitar and keyboard. The lyrics talk about lies in love relationships. The melody is described as captivating and features elements of electronic music. #Editorial Review
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TikTok Music Brasil
US Agroboy is a prominent rapper in the Brazilian music scene. He has collaborated with a variety of artists, including Ana Castela, on several popular tracks. His ability to mix sertanejo with rap makes him a unique and highly sought-after artist in Brazil. #Curiosity
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TikTok Music Brasil
Ever heard of Ana Frango Elétrico? She has an irreverent footprint like Ana Castela and will certainly surprise you! #Discovering
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Elias Camargo
there top this song
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Agroboy. Isabella
I love this song so much with @Ana Castela @us Agroboy
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FC miotela🤠
amo@Ana Castle @
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I cannot deny what is in my heart 🤫
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Maria Fernanda
Ana Flavia
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I loved it very much I love Ana Castela
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After 40th you are the best choices of my life 😮‍💨🤭🥰🫡🤭🤥
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the heart even paerta thinking of the brunette, calls iruuuu #lovethissong
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Francine Pedroso
too perfect, that's music
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Alex Gutemberg956
good 🎶👏🏻🤠
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