Tune in Together

Coração Vagabundo's poster image

(Uh, Coração Vagabundo)

(LDM Produções)

Eu cuidei de você

Te dei o meu amor

E mesmo assim você me enganou

E olha como você me deixou

Fui um cara legal

Mas você me traiu

Não vem dizer que não, pois meu amigo viu

Você com outro cara

Na festa da praça

Pensei que era só minha

Mas era de todo mundo

Bandida de carteirinha

E coração vagabundo

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Coração Vagabundo

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LarissaMCarvalho's avatar
very angry, right? the beats make me want to dance all the time! I love the lyrics, very true and delicate. I always catch myself singing them around and feeling a deep connection with the words. my favorite chorus is too addictive, I can't get it out of my head. it's definitely one of the best
camilaRibeiro.77's avatar
there was one time when I was listening to this here and I ended up dancing alone in the living room When I realized my mother was filming me! What a shame
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TikTok Music
The group Os Barões da Pisadinha gained national recognition when player Neymar danced to the music and shared it on their social networks. #Curiosity
CaioCastroCantor's avatar
I found the dance engaging and the voice soft. However, the lyrics are a bit and don't have much meaningful content.
ThierryMenezes's avatar
touched me deeply with its simple and sincere lyrics. The soft and calm melody led me to reflect on my choices and desires.
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TikTok Music
The song "Coração Vagabundo" by #OsBarõesDaPisadinha has an instrumentation based on accordion, keyboard and percussion, characteristic of the pisadinha rhythm. The lyrics talk about a man who cannot cling to any love relationship. The melody is and dancing, typical of the musical genre. #Reviewal
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TikTok Music
Fan of Os Barões Da Pisadinha, which bands or artists do you recommend for those who like their musical style? #Discovering
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Danilo Oliveira
I thought it was only mine but it belonged to everyone 🎧
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Danilo Oliveira
Note that this is stoned ❤️
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2026 Bolsonaro
this one is good👍
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Amo ❤️
fabyvargas69's avatar
I love
༺𝓟𝓐𝓟𝓘 ⑅𝓩𝓔𝓤𝓢༻'s avatar
I love too much 😎
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