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Malas Rachas

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Pedro Henrique Baptista
This song has a very soft and relaxing rhythm that makes you feel like you are in a yoga session. It is a song that helps you find inner peace and serenity.
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Maria Valentina de Gouvea
I love this song! The lyrics are super cool and the rhythm is very moving. I have put it on repeat and I have recommended it to all my compas.
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TikTok Music Latin
The song "Malas Rachas" has an instrumentation mainly in accordion and guitar, with a Sinaloa band style. The lyrics talk about the difficulties that can arise in life, with a catchy melody and accompanied by backing vocals. #Review
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Fernando Hernández
It's perfect to start dancing
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Thomas Bastos
It's one of those songs that lifts your spirits. Super addictive!
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Juan Carlos Chavez
I can't stop listening to it #MalasRachas
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TikTok Music Latin
What other regional Mexican music artists would you recommend to continue enjoying this rhythm? #Discovery
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TikTok Music Latin
Malas Rachas de Los Dareyes de la Sierra managed to position itself in the Top 10 of the Mexican Regional Billboard chart. #Fact
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Roberto Estrada
This song with bad streaks sounds basic, nothing new. It sounds like an old cumbia, I'm not very excited about it.
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Andrea Soto
I don't like this song so much, I feel like something is missing, it doesn't hook me or excite me. Wey, I'd better look for another song!
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