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Joga a mão em cima, Rio de Janeiro

Pro lado, pro outro

Pro lado, pro outro, hey

MF no Rio


Vem jogando gostosinho pra mim

Já faz um tempo que eu 'to a fim

Falou que tu me que quer também

Oh, não vai ter ninguém pra nos atrapalhar

Eu 'to solteiro e tu também 'tá

Então chega logo pra gente se amar

Joga a mão em cima e diz

Hoje a cama vai tremer, oh

A gente vai fazer, oh

Só eu e você

Altas loucurinhas só pra enlouquecer

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Altas Loucurinhas (Uni Duni Tê)

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I love this song, it's one of my favorites! The dance cheers me up and makes me want to dance. The lyrics speak of love and are very funny, it makes me think of my special person. I always put this song to play when I need a cheer during the day.
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Imagine this song playing at an incredible moment with someone special. Who would be with you? Tag that person and use the hashtag #SummerDelight to share this dream! ❤️
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Altas Loucurinhas (Uni Duni Tê) (Ao Vivo) is an animated and dancing track by #Matheus Fernandes. The instrumentation includes keyboards, guitars and percussion, while the lyrics talk about a desire to have fun and enjoy life. The melody is captivating and easy to sing together, making it perfect for parties and ballads. #Reviewal
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very good 🥰🥰
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Matheus Fernandes is a singer known for his songs in the electronic forró style, which led him to become one of the highlights of the musical scene in northeastern Brazil. #Curiosity
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Have you heard the album The Ambassador of Gusttavo Lima? He's a great Colombian sertanejo singer! #Discovering
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quality seal 🌵❤️☀️
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Moto moto
Style: 😭🅱️
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Naty Silva
I love it too much 😍😍
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Jéssica Sebben615
The people are already running out of papers kkkk they used the toquinho from "Uni duni duni te...oooo "salame mingue" kkkkkk hair love
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Maria mari
very cool
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but it's too top
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Joyce De Bitencourte Teles🤠🐱
Music 🎷🦊💖🥰❤️😺💗
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Mass d+++
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Filipe Siqueira
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beautiful music 🥰🥰🥰
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Leo Oliveira
top top
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