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Si empezamos el negocio,

Fue porque quería progresar, soy ambicioso

Desde chico bueno pa chambear, soy poderoso

Les estoy hablando de todo el rey del negocio

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Bélico y Cholo

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Maria Eloá de Paula
I love how he uses his voice to create a very emotional and personal musical experience. It's a song that goes straight to your heart
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Luan Brunelli
This rolita makes me dance like crazy! I can't stop listening to her and I've already passed it to my amig@s What a cool rhythm!
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TikTok Music Latin
#SebastiánEsquivel is a 23-year-old who creates songs that capture life as it is: full of ups and downs, moments of madness and simplicity, challenges and at the same time a complete extraordinaryness. #Fact
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"I was 5. "good
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Fernando Hernández
is my favorite song of the moment #BélicoyCholo
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Arturo Fernández
Tutank'mon is cool and makes me feel good every time I hear it.
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TikTok Music Latin
"Bélico y Cholo" is a song by #SebastianEsquivel and #YeraiR that mixes reggaeton and rap rhythms with acoustic instruments. The melody is catchy and uses electronic effects to create an intense atmosphere. #Review
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Apollo Buzatto
It is very good because the lyrics are catchy and the rhythm is very cool. I recommend it!
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TikTok Music Latin
Which other artist would you like and have a musical style similar to Sebastian Esquivel or Yerai R? #Discovery
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