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Só era nós, só era nós, oh-ah

Só era nós, só era nós, oh-ah

Só era nos com as roupas numa sacola

Sorrindo querendo chorar

Só era nós voltando a pé da escola

Sonhando com a JMA (eu lembro, hein?!)

Barraco escuro, becos obscuros, pichações no muro

Filhos prematuros, com pouco futuro, eu juro

Tentei ser maduro, mas ver meu pai duro, eu até chorei

Sem o dinheiro do mercado hoje fazia um mês

A fome era bem maior que a TV dos boy

E se vendesse o preço dava umas 20 Caloi

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Só Era Nós

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just fuck! It's the kind of sound that gets you the way, you know? The instrumental is amazing and there's no way not to move your foot while listening. The lyrics are super intense and they give that punch in the stomach. It talks about things everyone has been through in their lives and that's why I find it so easy to connect with.
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In 2019, during an interview, his studio Eduardo Bastos revealed that once had to cook instant noodles with hot water from the studio, due to a lack of gas and food at a time when he was not getting paid for his shows. #Curiosity
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#HungriaHipHop sings "Só Era Nos" with a mix of hip hop and pop, accompanied by a heavy dance and synthesizers. The lyrics talk about the love and deep connection between two unique people and the ebb of happy moments in memory. #EternalReview
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Fatos que te Falam
Braba music🔥
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man, I was so excited listening to this that I started dancing and my mother caught me thinking I was possessed by a demon!
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I loved the lyrics of the song, it is very well written and deep. The melody is also pleasant, but I found the production a bit exaggerated.
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transported me to a moment in my life that I wish I had relived and moved me in an inexplicable way. The lyrics and melody fit together perfectly and made me feel nostalgic and grateful.
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Which artists would you recommend to someone who enjoys the style of Hip Hop? #Discovering
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Bruno Santos
when I was a mlq, I also dreamed of the JNA 💥
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what a stone 🔥
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Warrior 🪖
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