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Esta es la vida, la que me merezco y lo siento

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Kilos De H (En Vivo)

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Teresa Sánchez
This rolita is like a ray of on a rainy day. The melody is radiant and the lyrics are totally my vibe. The instrumentation is brilliant, it makes you feel that anything is possible.
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Erick Brito
Ay wey, this song is bitchy, I love the beat and the lyrics are cool. I've played them to all my friends, they should listen to it!
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TikTok Music Latin
What are the most representative songs of Oscar Maydon or Natanael Cano that you recommend me to listen to? #Discovery
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Nicolas Ambrosio
The lyrics of this song are like an encrypted message.
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Francisco Bernardi
Ideal to enjoy with friends and relax.
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Lucas Amaral
The passion in her voice and the emotional lyrics make me feel connected to every word. One of my favorites!
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Cauã Batista
I love the rhythm and the lyrics, it's one of my favorites.
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Théo Alves
It's a song that stays in your mind all day long.
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Isai Chavez
I just can't stop humming it all day.
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Emilio Sandoval
The rola de kilos de h (live) is really cool! The beats are really cool and the lyrics are like dedicating them to your ex haha.
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