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(É isso aí)

(Eu sou brega)

(Eu sou um espetáculo e faço dos meus sentimentos exagerados o meu próprio palco)

(Eu sou amor, e como diria Sidney Magal, o amor tem de ser brega)

(Deus me livre de um amor chique e discreto)

(Deus me livre de sentir morno e suave)

(Deus me livre de falar baixo, sorrir baixo, sonhar baixo, de volume baixo)

(O dicionário diz que brega, adjetivo, denota falta de gosto)

(Eu digo que não, eu gosto muito)

(E profundamente)

(Tão profundo que grito aos quatro cantos os meus amores, nem sempre reais)

(É por isso que é tão divertido ser brega como eu, entendeu)

(Tudo é muito, tudo é grande, tudo me transforma)

(Tudo me revira e vira choro, vira música, vira grito)

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Morango do Nordeste

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very good! she has a super hot vibe and makes me feel happy and excited. the lyrics are also really cool, I love singing along with them. without a doubt one of my favorites and one that always puts me up.
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TikTok Music Brasil
#MaríliaMendonça is widely recognized as the "Queen of Suffering"👑🎶. This affectionate nickname reflects her unique ability to convey deep emotions through her songs, touching the hearts of listeners with her sincere lyrics and engaging melodies. Her connection to the audience is undeniable, which has made her one of the most outstanding artists in the Brazilian music scene. #Curiosity
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TikTok Music Brasil
"Morango do Nordeste" by #MaríliaMendonça mixes elements of forró and sertanejo in its surroundings of instrumentation, highlighting the accordion and guitar. The song addresses a forbidden love, while its musical mix captures the festivity and emotions of Brazil, with an irresistible dance . #Reviewal
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TikTok Music Brasil
Do you think the song "Morango do Nordeste" by #MaríliaMendonça has good instrumentation? What is your favorite part of the lyrics? #Discovering
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rafa melancia🍪💙 amo cookie
amariaaa. if. it is. in. our. heart ❤️❤️❤️
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it hurts to know that she is no longer with us but right happy with the best of the music that El left eternal queen 👑
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Thiago Buzzi
I filled mds, sdd of our queen
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wonderful ❤️
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miss my queen
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I get all shivered by this music
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Jucelia Lima de Sousa
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I love you forever Queen 👑 Lack hurts ❤️
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God I miss you
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rafa melancia🍪💙 amo cookie
That. same. ❤️
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