Tune in Together

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Não se encontra um grande amor nas avenidas

Nas esquinas, ou na solidão de um bar

Pode ser uma paixão

Enganando o coração

Mas depois

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Nem É Bom Lembrar

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too much, bro! The vibe she passes me is insane and I can't stand still when she plays. The lyrics have a message that makes us happy, you know? And the rhythm is a perfect mix of different styles that results in something unique and engaging. I love it when this song plays in the ballad.
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TikTok Music Brasil
Have you ever heard the song 'Nem É Bom Rememberr' by #MaríliaMendonça? What do you think of the instrumentation of the track? Share your opinion with us! 💬 #Discovering
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Bro, I was listening to this song and suddenly my cat jumped in my lap and started dancing! It was the funniest thing I've ever seen
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zeze di camargo and Luciano disco from 1995 a classic
Bruna Candioto Biten's avatar
Bruna Candioto Biten
eternal queen of suffering #maríliamendonça
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It's the first time I've heard this song. It's very beautiful. Too bad I had such a short life here on earth.
edi_lari_star's avatar
never again i want to remember you 😭
Geciane Ribeiro's avatar
Geciane Ribeiro
this song is beautiful ❤️
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Angela Araujo caires
My beautiful one, tomorrow 3 years without you 😭
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Wellington Moisés
my queen ❣️
Dhayanne Silva's avatar
Dhayanne Silva
But I managed to let I love you and now I don't want to remember you 🥰
Arnaelza Monteiro's avatar
Arnaelza Monteiro
I loveooooo💗💗💗💗
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I love this song so much 💞💞
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in love with this song
Leny 😜's avatar
Leny 😜
queen of the sertanejo #unicaeternamariliamendonca
Day💫 Seja Luz🙌🏻's avatar
Day💫 Seja Luz🙌🏻
W7.⚡️'s avatar
You complete 28 years hj Queen👑💔😭😭
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