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Ham ham ham

Mc Danny não confundem, Hitmaker

Te avisei que ia ser uma vez

Tu prometeu não se apaixonar

E olha quem tá pedindo replay se afogou no chá

Uma hora dessa, tá me ligando

Procurando, tá doidinho pra quebrar tua promessa

Não tem juramento do dedinho que resista a uma sentada dessa

Te avisei pra não brincar

Eu quero ver tu esquecer depois do chá que eu te dei

Ai papai, macetei

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Ai Papai

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totally addictive! That chorus is in your head all day, you can't stop humming. And not only is the melody incredible, the lyrics are super deep, it talks a lot about life, love and overcoming. I feel so inspired when I listen to this song, it's like anything is possible!
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"Ai Papai" is a mix of Brazilian funk and hip-hop. The song's instrumentation includes electronic beats, keyboard and synthesizers. The lyrics focus on how the narrator desires the object of his attraction. The melody is and emphasizes the vocals of #Anitta and #McDanny. #Reviewal
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Man, I was listening to this song and I remembered when my mom found me dancing like crazy around the house She fucked me for weeks making fun of me
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contagious rhythm... impossible to stand still
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Danny's part is better than Anitta's
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Guys, what song is this? I'm in the chair fidgeting because I can't do more than that. Doctor
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Mc Danny and Pedro Sampaio, the masters of autotune haha #IsaacTalk
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TikTok Music
What songs do you recommend for those who like Anitta, Mc Danny and HITMAKER? #Discovering
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TikTok Music
HITMAKER composed one of Anitta's greatest hits, "Ai Paipai," which broke out on the Brazilian charts. #Curiosity
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I used this one in my draft
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I can't stop listening to this addictive song!! Out of the desire to .... hahahaha
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João Vitor 🙃
I'm already addicted
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João Vitor 🙃
Anitta talking daddy 🛐
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then daddy
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Jean Carlos Ribeiro
Show 😊
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#macetei Only once!!!! kakaka
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To daddy
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