Tune in Together

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Fierro y nos vamos hasta Phoenix, Arizona

Compa Edgardo

Ciudad Peligrosa, mi compa Junior H

Como no, y dice pues

Ciudad Peligrosa

Phoenix, Arizona

Por eso todo el tiempo ando bien armado

Por enamorado, me andaba tocando

Llegue al antro y salí bien acompañado

Me seguían dos carros, se oyeron balazos

Me tiraron y los vidrios reventaron

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Ciudad Peligrosa

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Teresa Cortez
This song is a gem! #ciudadpeligrosa The music fills you with vitality, and the instrumentation is just great, it makes you feel alive! I LOVE!
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TikTok Music Latin
Whatdo Nuñez or Junior H songs would you recommend for someone who has never heard their music? #Discovery
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João Lucas Bassani
city is the best! I love how it makes you feel like you are in a dangerous neighborhood, but at the same time looking forward to dancing.
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Osvaldo Lima
I can't help but dance and sing every time I hear her. Long live the mother-in-law!
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Jose Ignacio Salas
Plus, the lyrics are very emotional and touch my heart every time I hear them. They are simply spectacular!
Jorge Enriquez's avatar
Jorge Enriquez
I love its honest lyrics and infectious melody. It always puts me in a good mood!
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Jose Ángel Meza
I love how El Komander manages to capture the essence of a marijuana party in every verse. Bravo!
Heitor Amaral's avatar
Heitor Amaral
It's my song of the moment
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Anthony Alves
The voice is impressive. 100% recommended!
Henry Antunes Fernandes's avatar
Henry Antunes Fernandes
I love how the combination of the two mcs sounds cool on this track.
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Mathias Blanco
The melody has a sweetness that wraps like a hug.
Théo Alves's avatar
Théo Alves
The rhymes are incredible. They give me kisses too!
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