Tune in Together

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Todo grupinho de amiga tem que ter

A cachaceira aqui em todo rolê

Não pode ver um grau que já quer pegar

Sabe que vai ter alguém pra carregar

E tem a pegadora que administra beijo

Beija um na frente do palco outro na fila do banheiro

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this song I fell in love with it since the first time I heard it and very good wonderful like all of Naiara and with Ana Castelo it got even better ♥️🥰😍
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I think Ana Castela will never be able to make a feat as good as this one, what chemistry is that precarious combination of voices 😍😍
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TikTok Music Brasil
Naiara Azevedo is known for her empowered lyrics and was the first singer of the sertanejo genre to win the "Best Music" award at the Multishow Prize with the song "50 Reais" in 2017. #Curiosity
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top music
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Jayne Costhar
Kkkkk this song is a reality 😂🤡
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an amazing vibe! The dance is very good and the lyrics are very deep. I love how it makes me feel, like I'm floating in the clouds. Whenever I listen, my mood instantly improves, it's just magical.
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TikTok Music Brasil
The song "Palhaça (Ao Vivo)" is a country song with a lively rhythm and lyrics marked by intense emotions. The instruments used in the recording include guitar, viola, drums, bass and keyboard. The powerful voice of #NaiaraAzevedo,Anaela is a fundamental piece in the song, which tells the story of a woman who was deceived by the man she loved. #alReview
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TikTok Music Brasil
Another artist similar to Ana Castela is Silva, with his pop sound and lyrics that talk about interpersonal relationships. #Discovering
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Guilherme M Mendes Silva
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friend has to have everyone's cachaceira carry and have catcher that still kisses from the bathroom the lip 24 hours in the mouth of the 10 minutes and a half and has the dancer Jordão quica on the floor quica on the floor Ah excited here in the first sing that I miss a stay not clowning in my life in the first sing and feel homesick for a hard not clowning
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pássaro livre sou eu
rocked very beautiful
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very good I grew up
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Luis Fernando Ordakv
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Gislainy Rodrigues
# Nairazevedo
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I love Ana Castela and the . Nayara
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I Love My Cousins
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Thais Kiwia Vale
represents my friends and me lol
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