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Às quatro da manhã hora da recaída

Passeei no seu feed, vigiei sua vida

Pra ver se tu tá bem

Mais vi que estava acompanhada

Beijando em outra boca

Foi aí que eu vi que não sinto mais nada

Te esqueci, valendo

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Te Esqueci Valendo

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bro, too late! There are beats that will make you want to dance until the sun rises! The lyrics talk about things that people go through on a daily basis, you know? I relate to it too much. And the flow is impressive, it knows how to capture the listener's attention. It's a song that makes me feel good, you know?
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TikTok Music Brasil
What do you think of the song 'Te Esqueci Valendo (Ao Vivo)' by #Nattan? What's your favorite part of the lyrics? Share your opinion with us! 💬 #Discovering
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Bro I was listening to this song and dancing so crazy I ended up breaking my mom's toilet It only plays now when she's not home
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#mail only the best
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unfortunately, Te Esqueci Valendo (Live) by NATTAN didn't captivate me much. The lyrics are a little and the melody didn't hold me back.
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man, this Nattan song can't get out of my head! It's very nice to hear and the lyrics are very catchy. I love the way he sings, it's very lively!
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this song by Nattan brings me a lot of sadness, I remember the time when I used to listen on the radio in my car. I like the lyrics and the infectious rhythm that made me happy. Greetings from that time!
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man, Te Esqueci Valendo (Live) is my addiction! This song makes me want to dance to the floor! The dance is very contagious and the lyrics are pure suffering. I love Nattan's voice and how he conveys the emotion of the song. It's worth having forgotten you, because now I just want to dance!
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Marilia Lazaretty
It takes another hour to get us 🤭🤭
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long ago.... hj oq I feel eh hate disgust etc !!!!
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the best
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pauloandre andre
coin denies boot 🥾🥾🥾🥾🥾 for us to drink
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