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Esse é o dj arana mais

Tropa tropa tropa tropa tropa moleque ruim

Eu sou de favela

Mas eu tô sempre arrumado da casa do iguaçu

Mas o barraco é confortável

Sempre levo e arrasto

Sempre levo e arrasto

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É Só Um Lance Lero Lero

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If they want to offer me music that is something good and pleasant and not rubbish from that crazy I know what a crappy lyrics and that, without any emphasis and the melody is not even spoken 😡
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TikTok Music Brasil
The song has carioca funk beats and was produced by DJ Dozabri and DJ Arana. The lyrics talk about a relationship without commitment and the participation of MCs Silva, Luiggi and Meno Saaint complement the music. The melody is, with a strong chorus." #Ecclesial #Review
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TikTok Music Brasil
#DJArana is known for a unique style of music called "BregaFunk." He mixes carioca funk with pernambuco brega, creating an infectious dance that has conquered a large audience in Brazil. #Curiosity
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Aline Santos
only the best
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👺. emilly .👺
the best songs
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TikTok Music Brasil
What are your favorite songs from DJs and MCs similar to DJ Dozabri, DJ Arana, Silva Mc, MC Luiggi and Meno Saaint? #Discovering
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🕷️✨tia Yuri✨🕷️
A hug for the pointers... A hug to the wrong reader... A hug to those who read it again... I've stopped to think that while you're wasting your time reading this I can is on another song commenting on the same thing... COPY AND COLLECT and like it (I'm 400m from your house
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and just a thing, no romance, a read-read chat 🖐😝🖐
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JP lagasse 244
DJ Arena is very good
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Mamonas assassinas ~fã
Bo for karalho
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Andréia Teixeira
top too 💥🔥
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#djarana very beautiful 😍
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very good music I calm down forgetting
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how nice
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ooi, anyone who likes msc this style will check out my playlists 💗
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Davi Hinterholz
very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very good amei DJ arana
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Victor hugo santos
DJ Arana doesn't miss
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it's just a thing
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