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Fierro pues, aquí andamos desde Hermosillo

Grabando con mi compa Edgardo, cómo no, algo pa' las muchachonas

'Amos a echarnos Loco Enamorado, compa Junior

Y dice pues

Quisiera sacarte de mi mente

Porque eso de no tenerte, no me está haciendo muy bien

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Loco Enamorado

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Arthur Miguel Botelho
This song makes you feel as if you are in a live concert with your favorite artists.
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Adrián Rivera
This song is amazing, I love its vibe, the lyrics are cool and the rhythm makes you dance. I've already shared it with my friends.
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TikTok Music Latin
Have you heard "Loco Enamorado" by #JuniorH, #EdgardoNuñez? What do you think of the lyrics and instrumentation of the song? Do you think it will become a massive hit? Tell us in the comments and discover more music with #Discovery. 💬
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Juan Perez
It transports me to a place where dreams come true to the rhythm of the music!
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Ignacio Espinoza
A jewel of Latin rap that you can't stop listening to.
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Levi Assunção
always surprises with its unique style!
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Juan Antonio Medina
I remember when I felt like this...
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Vinícius Bianco
Perfect for animating any environment.
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Guillermo Silva
"Loco enamorado" is cool. The music has a beat that the ear likes and the lyrics are catchy, I can relate to the lyrics.
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