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Hoy antes de irte

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Te Amo

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Milena de Avila
I like how he has managed to create a song that makes you feel like you are in a futuristic world. It's a song that makes you feel the innovation and technology
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Vicente Brito
This rolita is my new jam! The lyrics are super cool and the rhythm is really fast! I have recommended it to all my friends #aChida
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TikTok Music Latin
How do you like "Te Amo" by the talenteddo Nuñez (#EdgardoNuñez)? Do you think his instrumentals are in keeping with the romantic vibe that the song conveys? Let us know your opinion in the comments using the hashtag #Discovery. 💬
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Lorenzo Ambrosim
I love the rhythm and lyrics, it's super danceable. I have them on repeat all day long! 💃🎶
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Vitor Bruneli
Music has a quality that makes you feel at home.
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Cristian Chavez
Pure magic in every note!
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Théo Alves
I really like the rhythm and the lyrics are very nice. I love you I love you I love you!
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Nesly Velasquillo
that song makes me cry when I listen to it
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