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Todo bien no se asusten si por ahí me ven

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El Gavilán

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Emanuelly da Gloria
I love how this song has a very sweet and relaxing melody, it's perfect for lying down and sleeping.
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TikTok Music Latin
Luis R. Conriquez is nicknamed by many as the "king of war corridors," which song by the artist is your favorite?
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fun fact: "Don Iván" was a cartel boss in Colombia and before his release from prison a cook poisoned him.
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Alejandra Angeles
The sparrow hawk is one of those songs that turn you on from the first beat, I like the artist's style and the chorus sticks like chewing gum in my hair.
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Jose Maria Ortiz
The sparrow hawk lacks flavor, it doesn't make me move a foot.:/
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ナワト ダニエル
a question how to verify in this app
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The song is based on the real life of a gang member affiliated with the Sinaloa cartel, nicknamed "El Gavilán" #musicfacts.
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I didn't know this song but the instrumental is another level 🔥 🔥 🔥 #ElGavilan
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Mau Ascencio
Luis R. Conriquez's "El Gavilán" is about a man, "El Gavilán," a member of an armed group, proud of his affiliation with "Chapo Guzmán." The lyrics reflect his willingness to fight and loyalty to his group.
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Emi Salinas
Once again Peso Pluma 🪶 showing how he can continue to collaborate with muscle artists from regional Mexican media 😮‍💨
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I can already hear my neighbor with his super loud speakers with this song on full blast.
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it would be interesting to see a choreography of this song 😶 #elgavilan
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Rifadisimo the instrumental
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Jacobo WGO
First comment 🧿📿🍀😌🙏
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