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Alô Goiânia, bota a mão pra cima, aqui ó

Tem três coisas nessa vida que não compartilha

Carro, dinheiro e amor

Com essas três frases não voltava arrependida

Não quero, não posso, não vou

Não adianta chorar no suor derramado

Se lá no bem bom

Em cima de outro

Cê nem viu meu lado

Para de por a culpa na pinga

Essa desculpa manjada não vinga

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Três Frases (Ao Vivo)

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man, this song is very massive! I love the lyrics, the melody sticks to my head and it always makes me happy. It has a pop and dancing footprint that makes me move my body without even noticing. If I had to choose a song to play at the party, it would definitely be her!
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From a very young age, "Embarcador" showed an interest in music, and at the age of nine he was already playing guitar in bars and parties in the region. #Curiosity
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"Três Frases" by #Gusttavo Lima is a song with electric guitar instrumentation, guitar and percussion. The lyrics are a declaration of love in three sentences, while the melody has an accelerated rhythm and highlights the singer's vocals. #Editorial #Review
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the lyrics of the song are very poetic and take me by surprise. The voice is soft and conveys the emotion of the song. The rhythm is relaxing, but I wish I had heard an instrumental solo.
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the neighbor's kitty came to stick to me when this song started playing and now I'm officially the pussy's aunt
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music explores universal issues such as friendship and love. The lyrics and instruments create an emotional atmosphere. Music transported me to another place
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What song by another artist would you recommend to those who like #GusttavoLima? #Discovering
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guy's music
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Felipe santiago da s
top music
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