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Ah, se o cantor fosse desafinado

Se os tocador não tivesse ensaiado

Mas os fela da mãe tem talento

E me encorajou pra esse evento

Aí eu fui lá no portão, bati palma

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Ai eu Chorei

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man, this song brings me such a good vibe. the lyrics are overpoetic and the melodies are just captivating. I feel like every time I listen, I discover something new in it. without a doubt, it has everything to be a big hit
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man, very massive! The lyrics are super deep and delicate, I identify a lot with the words. And the dance is too much, impossible not to dance! Not to mention the voice , amazing too. It's a song that makes me curious and at the same time cheers me up. Period!
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Bro, this song is incredible, it's chilling to the soul! The lyrics are very deep and the voice conveyed an emotion that I didn't even know I had kept here. I've already put it on my favorites playlist and will listen all day. It's music to listen to alone, reflecting on life
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TikTok Music Brasil
What is your opinion about "Ai eu Chorei" (Lambadão) by #CESINHAM? Did you add this song to your playlist? Does the lyrics of the song bring any specific memories to you? Share your opinion in the comments and participate in #DescobrindoMúsica!
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paulo Almeida Oliveira
who is the singer anyway? 😂😂😂😂
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not name
Spoil the songs! talks too much, it's not from hj!!!! becomes a 💩💩💩
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Lourdes Azevedo
it's true listening is great but this repetition in the middle of the song gets in the way he said once ta good take out this little basket so it looks good
williamhenrique1085's avatar
You talk too much about Melo, Seloko!
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Jean Carlos
it was good .. more speaks less his name
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Li Almeida
If I said his name less I liked it more and I think a lot of people too. Disturbs the music kkkkk
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Eduardo Ferreyra
repeat the name of more.....🥴🥴🥴
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