Tune in Together

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Ei psiu mulher é você mesmo

Bota a mão no joelhinho

Acompanha com o bumbum esse pontinho aqui ó

Calma calma mulher tá descansada

Bota a mão no gelo e novamente

Pras meninas

Lá da norte oeste leste sul mão no joelho e mulher vai

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Treme o Bumbum

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and the music I love to relax and enjoy at a barbecue or on the beach. The lyrics are like a poem that talks about love and longing. There's no way I can feel bad when I hear this song, it makes me smile and feel the sun on my skin. The chorus is super addictive and dance stays in my head for hours.
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Mó zueira, I was listening to that sound until my dog started dancing frantically with me. It became a party in the living room, kkkkk!
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TikTok Music Brasil
What do you think of MC Leléto's "Treme o Bumbum" instrumentation? Does it make you move? 🍑 #Discovering
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Luiz Fernando Oliveira
face is topppppppp
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