Tune in Together

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Esse não parece ser o teu final

Pois sei que o sol nasce também depois de um temporal

Sei que a tua história não acaba aqui

Pois sei que o redentor se levanta por ti

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Tempo de Cantar (Ao Vivo)

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man, Song Time (Live) gave me the creeps! Michelle Nascimento's voice is simply incredible and Maria Marçal also sent the harmony super well. The lyrics are deep and made me reflect on life, you know? And the rhythm is contagious, it makes me want to dance and sing along! what song
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Bro, I was really good listening to this song when my dog got in my lap and started dancing along! Hahaha was the funniest scene seriously
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TikTok Music Brasil
Hey, have you heard the song "Tempo de Cantar (Ao Vivo)" by singers #MariaMarçal and #MichelleNascimento? I particularly love instrumentation and how they convey so much positive energy. What's your favorite track? Have you added it to your playlist yet? Share your opinion in the comments and get in the mood of #DecobrindoMúsica 💬
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Amen I believe I take possession victory gratitude God
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Ah will have to go down I'll hold on if not what time if I'm not going to fall in love it's not just for you the moonlight the stars shopping tan will ah will have to
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João Paulo de Campos
boa tarde Maria
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glory god
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Raquel Nascimento
what a wonder!!! amem 🙏
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Leia Nunes Cunha
amem 🙌🙏
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Aos poucos senhor Jesus,vai aliviando a dor de ter perdido meu paizinho,ficou um vazio enorme em meu coração depois que ele partiu,dói tanto,somente Deus pra preencher esse vazio e tirar essa dor horrível 🥺🥺🥺
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Amem I receive I take possession 🙌 🙌 🙌
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