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I'm packin' my bags that I didn't unpack the last time

I'm sayin', "see you again," so many times, it's becoming my tagline

But you know the truth, I'd rather hold you

Than try to catch this flight

So many things I'd rather say

But for now, it's goodbye

You say I'm always leavin'

You, when you're sleepin' alone

But the, the car's outside

But I don't wanna go tonight

I'm not gettin' in the Addison Lee

Unless you pack your bags

You're comin' with me

I'm tired of lovin' from afar

And never being where you are

Close the windows, lock the doors

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Car's Outside (Sped Up Version)

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TikTok Music Brasil
#JamesArthur is the only male winner on the X Factor show to have topped the UK charts since Leona Lewis in 2006. Her hit "Say You Won't Let Go" topped the charts in over twenty countries. #Curiosity
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TikTok Music Brasil
The song "Car's Outside" by #JamesArthur is characterized by its lively and dance , with a touch of R&B. The lyrics talk about the end of a relationship and the feelings that come after the end. The melody is accompanied by electric guitar, piano and drums, creating a captivating and immersive sound. #Reviewal
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TikTok Music Brasil
James Arthur won the ninth season of X Factor UK in 2012 with Shontelle's song "Impossible." He became the first male winner since 2006. #Curiosity
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what a perfect song #jamesarthur
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already bang
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TikTok Music Brasil
What is your favorite James Arthur song and which other artist would you recommend with a similar musical style? 🎶 #Discovering
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TikTok Music Brasil
The song "Car's Outside" has instrumentation based on the use of synthesizers and electronic beats, as well as processed vocals and complex harmonies. As for the lyrics, James Arthur sings about his life and reflections about the fame and pressure of the modern world. The melody is captivating and the arrangements are well developed. #Reviewal
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TikTok Music Brasil
What other songs do you listen to with intense lyrics and emotional melodies like James Arthur's? #Discovering
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"Car's Outside (Sped Up Version)" by James Arthur is a soulful, emotional track that has gained a lot of popularity among fans of the singer. The song features James' signature rasp and deep, resonant voice, and showcases his songwriting skills as well as his vocal ability. The sped up version adds an extra layer of energy to the song, making it an even more lively and dynamic track. #BehindtheMusic
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I can only think how I didn't want to have to get in that car and go alone. how he chose not to come with me. pqp I loved you too much but I travel alone and this is not about travel
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Thalita Soares
where is the enrollment option 😢
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crazy ni sound vibesnya how ya
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lost contact yah # upset # sad # gamon
sing sing sing
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you have been trying sad and the rest of
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very good ❤️
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Pencari Korek
the lyrics are inconsequential
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Eloá Ciqueira
This song is great, it makes me want to dance and sing non-stop, the rhythm is super catchy and the lyrics are very funny, I love it!
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bang ngegalau mlu
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