Tune in Together

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Oi pai oi pai oi pai

Hoje tu vai quicar tu vai rebolar

Só no macete tu vem devagar

Pra esquecer teu ex vou te ajudar

é só botadão com pressão

Vai toma na tua raba

Pra esquecer teu ex vem dando uma sentada

é só botadão com pressão botando na tua cara

Pra esquecer teu ex vem dando uma sentada

Que eu vou botar vou botar

Vou botar vou botar

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Have you ever heard the song "Botadão" by Eric Land and Felipe Amorim? What did you think of the dance and instruments used in the song? What is your favorite lyrics? Share your thoughts in the comments and participate in #DescobrindoMúsica "
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Man, I was listening to this and my dog started barking. When I took out the phone, I was playing a audio of him barking Did he like it?
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top music !
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Levir Robert
In my opinion this is Eric's best song, simply top #exploring
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to forget his ex, he has been sitting down... 🔥🔥
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Geisilane carla
The booty exploded, what a delight... #exploring
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