Tune in Together

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ô nega o que você fez comigo

Que era pra gente ser só amigo

Olha o jeito diferente

Bagunçou a minha mente quando tá por cima

Pede pra não parar

E ser inconsequente

Na sentada indecente

Assim fica difícil não me apaixonar

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TikTok Music Brasil
#LuanPereira became the big star of "agronejo" with the hit "Pipoco" in 2022. #Curiosity
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I was listening to this song and I remembered when I fell on stage dancing like crazy I was all zuado
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TikTok Music Brasil
What Luan Perera song would you recommend to those who like Dj Chris No Beat? #Discovering
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TikTok Music Brasil
"Tapinha" has a lively melody and fun lyrics, which focus oning and the excitement of receiving intimate touches. The instrumentation includes energetic beats and electronic elements, creating a dancing and modern atmosphere. #Ectorial Review
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Andreia Soares
addictive music
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Leonardo C. Silva
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got oh 👌
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This song is really good
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amu buc@t@ is good dimais
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Silvana lopes Sil366
I liked it very good
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Gilson Bona
podia i iokpkpbl
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# fyp ❤❤
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Maria Fernanda
Pear Moon
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Letícia Flores
Luan doesn't miss a people 👏👏👏 q hit 🔥😏
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broke out 🔥🔥🔥 and there's still a show of it here in the city sabadão# LP
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