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Please motherf**kers ain't stop please motherf**kers

Please mother please mother please motherf**kers

B**ch please motherf**kers please mother please mother

Please motherf**kers please mother please motherf**kers

Please motherf**kers ain't stopping me

Please motherf**kers ain't stopping me

Please motherf**kers ain't stopping me

Please motherf**kers ain't stopping me

How the f**k you figure how the f**k you figure

How the f**k you figure I ain't a motherf**king p**p

When all these n**gas be jocking me

I pull up in these clothes look so good

Pimping till the end make that cheese nitty green

B**ch please motherf**kers ain't stopping me

'Cause I'm in that hoe

Playing all these boys like toys I ain't going

You know all these songs sound good

Never hoeing see they n**gas acting like they pimps

Try to p**p me n**gas get broke for the end

Now I gotta go cause I'm out this b**ch

'Cause I'm on that hoe hoe n**ga be so bad

When I fall up in their place

Dead a** be jealous a** hoe with the fake on front

Clash about weed blast a b**ch 9-4 in dead a**

With that funky a** in the trunk I'm dead a**

Coming on the scene with the Tommy hilfiger

N**ga self what you got to make me rich

Never get the p**sy cause it's off limits hoe

Running game when you claiming that other b**ch

It's not the diamonds

It's not the pearls

I'm that girl I'm that girl it's just that

I'm that girl I'm that girl

It's not my man ooh

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I love the empowering lyrics of I'M THAT GIRL by Queen Beyoncé! The way she blends different genres seamlessly is amazing. 🔥💪
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this girl, I Love ❣️
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I'M THAT GIRL by Beyoncé is so empowering! It reminds me of when I overcame a tough situation and realized my worth 💪🏽💖 The lyrics make me feel seen and heard.
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Guillermo Silva
This rolita is a bit cool, but I think it lacks a little bit of power, ideal for a relaxed Saturday afternoon playlist.
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Feeling so empowered after watching Beyoncé's #ImThatGirl! 💪🏽 Her lyrics remind me that I am strong and worthy. 👑 Thank you, Queen Bey, for always uplifting us! 🙌🏽
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João Emanoel - ig:@joaoemanoel
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Ro ⭐
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🍃Matheus 🍃mds🍃
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Here she was giant 💋
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We already have the album of the year
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Above the queen only God and the planes in the sky ♥️
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Filtr Music
It might seem like news that we see Queen B in the house but right now we're seeing our diva delving into longtime songwriters and producers. Did you know that one of the producers of this hit was also part of the team that produced tracks on Partition (2013) and "Lemonade" (2016)? #PopFiltr
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