Tune in Together


I wanna house you and make you take my name

I'm gonna spouse you and make you touch a ring

I'm gonna take you all the way baby can I take you all the way

You sexy motherf**ker boy you growin' on me

I just wanna thug you the category is bae

You gangster motherf**ker boy you growin' on me

Boy I just wanna touch you I can feel feel those jeans

Ah ah ah oh woo

Boy you ain't never had a chance

If you make my body talk I'm leave you in a trance

Got you walking with a limb with this body make it dance

Dance dance dance

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TikTok Music Latin
What other female artists with pop and R&B would you recommend for someone who loves Beyoncé #Discovery.
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I'm swept away by the sultry, soulful vibes of Beyoncé's SUMMER RENAISSANCE. The vocals, beat, and lyrics are a perfect blend, creating an irresistible tune 🎶🔥.
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The song #SUMMER RENAISSANCE by #Beyoncé has a soft instrumentation, with Spanish guitar, synthesizer and sea effects, creating a beach feel. The lyrics are about escaping the daily routine and enjoying summer. The melody has a slow, relaxing beat. #Review
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TikTok Music Latin
"SUMMER RENAISSANCE" by Beyoncé is an unreleased song that leaked online in 2021. The song has an R&B style and its lyrics talk about love and sensuality. #Fact
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SUMMER RENAISSANCE by Beyoncé is a ray of sunshine on a summer day ☀️ The soulful vocals and uplifting lyrics make me feel alive. It's a beautiful tribute to love and self-discovery, reminding us to embrace every moment and live life to the fullest 🌸🌼 #QueenBey #SummerVibes
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SUMMER RENAISSANCE by Beyoncé is 🔥🌞! It feels like the perfect soundtrack to my summer days on the beach. The beat makes me want to dance and the lyrics remind me of my carefree summer fling. This song is a must-add to any summer playlist! 🎶🏖️
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Feelin' the summer vibes with Beyoncé 😍🌞 #summerrenaissance
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so good......
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well fucked 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿
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very good
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