Tune in Together

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Baby come over baby come over ooh yeah

Baby come over baby come over

Baby come over baby come over come be alone with me tonight

All this emotion all these emotions is washing over me tonight


Right here right now I'm stuck lay down

Baby lock it right now I want it right here right now

Fill it up motorboat motorboat shh baby spin around

So welcoming I'm a glow I want right here right now

There's nothing that I want as much as I want you

A psychich hear me told me we got sh*t to do

We ain't got time like we used to

But we still shine like we used to do

No we still grind like we used to

And we cut ties when we need to

But I need more you on me and me on you oh

I could be the one to take you there

I need more you to me on ecstasy oh

On this magic ride yeah yeah yeah oh

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TikTok Music Latin
According to the song's lyrics, Beyoncé refers to her zodiac sign, Virgo, as a way to exalt her virtues and talents in her music. #Fact
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TikTok Music Latin
The song VIRGO'S GROOVE by #Beyoncé has electronic instrumentation and lyrics that celebrate the personality and energy of Virgo people. The melody is rhythmic and, with influences from disco and funk music. #Review
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TikTok Music Latin
What other female R&B/pop artists would you recommend for someone who enjoys Beyoncé's music? #Discovery
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my ears are blessed, Beyoncé kills again.
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I love the smooth vibes of VIRGO'S GROOVE 🔥. It takes me back to the time I met my soulmate at a jazz club. The lyrics perfectly capture the feeling of falling deeply in love with someone. 💕 #Beyoncé #VirgosGroove
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Love the chill vibes and smooth beats of Beyoncé's Virgo's Groove. The production is impeccable, and her vocals are sultry and mesmerizing. 🎶💫
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Feeling the vibes with Beyoncé's VIRGO'S GROOVE 🌟✨ Loving the smooth beats and her heavenly vocals 🙌 #QueenBey 🔥🎶
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Ayrton Araujo
I loved this song this album is really good
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João Emanoel - ig:@joaoemanoel
What if Beyoncé had a song in the '80s? So came this one.
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the transition from one song to another is very good
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