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Mão no peito

Que vai começar o hino do after

Felipe Amorim

Ela tá solteira, mas não tá carente

De revoada a novinha entende

No bailão ela joga o bumbum


Coração de gelo, mas a raba é quente

Carinha de baby, mas é indecente

Não se apaixona por homem nenhum


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Gostosinha é Ela

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this music along with the dance doesn't come out of my head. Felipe Amorim never disappoints #felipeamorim #musicasquemarcam
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but 😕 is to be good to me right ☺️ and you are fine and your life 🤩 you who are doing what of all her children and life has life and mine is to be happy and everyone's life
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This song simply awakened in me the desire to dance. #Felipeamorim , you are top! Note 1,000 for your music, simply addictive!! Seriously! There's no way to listen and not dance. This BEAT is addictive. 😍 #tooop
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Breno Amarante
who liked the like 👍
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TikTok Music
The song #FelipeAmorim "Gostosinha é Ela" has a reggaeton dance with funk and trap influences. The lyrics are a tribute to a woman's body and sensual dance. The melody is simple, highlighting the chorus that is striking and easy to memorize. The instrumentation includes drums, bass and synthesizers. #Reviewal
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TikTok Music
Felipe Amorim is a Brazilian composer with several of his songs reaching millions of views. #Curiosity
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TikTok Music
Ever heard of singer Vitor Kley? His light and lively songs are perfect to liven up the day! #Discovering
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when I'm kind of xoxa #amusicasalva and I like to listen to the ones that animate... there are many... but this one reminds me of the family parties we danced to and it's good for me, that is... reminds me of happy moments and I forget I'm kind of blé🤣❤️
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Opan #Resso viciei
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wanderson claudio
Wanderson Cláudio
♨️🦂🐝 Sasa 🪭✨亗🐻's avatar
♨️🦂🐝 Sasa 🪭✨亗🐻
top too
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Very top 😃
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Veronica Ramos
master d×+
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Veronica Ramos
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Gislainy Rodrigues
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Gislainy Rodrigues
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Jennifer Vitoria
the best 🎉
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Luane Peluci
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mineiro fazendeiro
@R.sales fhdfhy
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