Tune in Together

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Desde Culiacán, Sinaloa, con mi compa Edgardo

De los corridos originales

Fierro compa Jesús, y pura Fuerza Regida

Vámonos resi' pue'

Jálese pue' viejo

No todo se me dio fácil también le sufrí bastante

Caminando por la calle descalzo, los pies me arden

Le pedí a mi San Juditas mientras me aguantaba el hambre

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Billete Grande

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Maria Flor de Moraes
The big bill song is a bomb! The beats are from another planet and the artist's voice is a fire that burns everything! I give it a 10/10!!!
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Isabella Cerqueira
music for those of us who suffer in life but always get ahead 💪
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Now I'm in a difficult moment but the music of #FuerzaRegida motivates me to keep going. ❤️‍🩹😭
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Arthur Almeida
I never imagined this combination, plus it's a song that connects a lot with my past, top! 🔥
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#billetegrande first letter I find meaning in the first letter kede😔
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Jacobo WGO
First comment 🧿📿🍀😌🙏
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