Tune in Together

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Tô mais paciente bem mais carinhoso

Agora eu aprendi a me p**o lugar dos outros

Tô ouvindo mais tô falando menos entendi

Que as vezes quem tá com a razão tem que sair perdendo

Aprendi com a saudade da gente

Tudo que cê tentou me ensinar

Pena que o coração só aprende

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Perfeito Pra Ficar Sozinho (Ao Vivo)

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#murilohuff #maiaraemaraisa #perfeitopraficarsozinho There are things in this life that nobody fixes msm..a broken bowl, a torn leaf and a woman who says she already was... then after you lose you were already eons...
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There are things in this life that nobody really fixes... so it's easier to take care of than to lose! when a woman says it's too late! #murilohuff #maiaraemaraisa #perfeitopraficarsozinho
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after everything torn and broken in my life, I just wish I could be around my wingless angel... why accept that I love him in is to be sure that God will one day make my dream come true 🙏🌻
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woman when she said it was already, it was already! because when you make a decision, it doesn't come back we are decided at least I am
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TikTok Music Brasil
Murilo Huff, Maiara & Maraisa present Perfect "To Stay Alone" live with instrumentation composed of guitar, drums, bass and guitar. The lyrics talk about a term of relationship, with a melody focused on the sertanejo and chiclete chorus. #Reviewal
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TikTok Music Brasil
What song do you recommend for those who love listening to Murilo Huff, Maiara & Maraisa? #Discovering
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TikTok Music Brasil
Murilo Huff is one of the most requested composers in the sertanejo today, having written hits for names like Marília Mendonça and Henrique & Juliano. #Curiosity
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Jo Cristina Rosa
Born 😜
𝙼𝚊𝚛𝚛𝚒 -𝙼 +𝙵𝚎́'s avatar
𝙼𝚊𝚛𝚛𝚒 -𝙼 +𝙵𝚎́
I didn't think music could go beyond what I've ever experienced. This is exactly who I am, only I don't miss anyone, just knowing what self-love is #historiacantada #historiascantada
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what music 🥰
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Really beautiful this song
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great music
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no 🥃
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it's about that
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Mariana Daughtry
The missing partnership ❤❤❤
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nice music ✨
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it's not just a woman who says she was already. When you have self-love, regardless of gender, she already was.
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graçy alves
lindah this song 💗
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graçy alves
and mlr when he says it was already
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