Tune in Together

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Nivaldo marques tem ou não tem cabaré essa noite

ô se tem nattan vem cantar comigo o hit do brasil

E os meus pais não me aceitam em tua casa Já que eu não posso te ver vou sair pra beber

Meus amigos já estão na balada

Vou sair vou descer

Embrazar no rolê

Você não deu valor

Nunca se importou a partir de hoje nosso amor acabou

Já foi deu pra mim eu vou meter o louco

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Tem Cabaré essa Noite

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My mom can't get enough of this msc it's she insinated even her amg from work she works in an asylum until she came to you know this msc mds kkk but it's mt good
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Folks, listening to this here I remembered the time my friends and I had a party in the afternoon and sang all the songs in! It was hilarious! 🎤🎉
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TikTok Music Brasil
Singer #Nattan, also known as 'Nattanzinho', has undergone an impressive turnaround over the past two years. The artist from Ceará has left the stages of bars to become one of the biggest revelations of forró in recent times. #Curiosity
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Did you know? Cabaré is a French word meaning and became popular in the late 19th century to designate the restaurants or salons in Paris that began to offer music shows.
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TikTok Music Brasil
What is your favorite Nattan song and which artists do you recommend listening to in a similar style? #Discovering
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TikTok Music Brasil
The song Tem Cabaré isso Noite by #NATTAN has an instrumentation that highlights the accordion, guitar and drums. The melody is lively and favors dancing. #Reviewal
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Valéria Oliveira
the mix that worked
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i love this song
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Breno Amarante
this song well produced and very good. in the right person's voice is a ball show hehe.
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(there's cabaret tonight🎷)
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Darley Carvalho
this song is addictive
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Jorge Lucas Rezende
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Katy Nascimento
There's Cabaré tonight🎶✅legal is not the best, but it's cool the kkkk touch
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Vinicius Dias
They humiliated @Prince Royce's song.
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Guilherme sousa
# temcabareessanoite
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Autêntico Junior Vianna
there is top of more
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Kedma Barbosa
Every minute comes to mind. Kkkkk
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