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Aê é o chefe da p**a

Né p**a é ele mesmo

Dj miller

Dj dj dj miller

Solta a p**a

Solta a p**a morre vamos nessa

Por que você não

Aperta uma tecla

Num desses teclados e manda uma batida

Por que a gente não pega

Nossa família entra no portal e dá o fora e música boa

Sai de pessoas que estão relaxadas

Aperta uma tecla aí e me dá uma

Tá me querendo tá bom beleza tá

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Mega Me da uma Batida

LarissaCosta's avatar
top too! The rhythm makes you want to dance and the lyrics are super deep. I really relate to the message. It makes me feel strong and confident, but at the same time it thrills me. The calm parts are as beautiful as the bustling ones. This is definitely one of the best songs I've ever heard!
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TikTok Music Brasil
Which instrument in the song "Mega Me da uma Batida" caught your attention the most? And do you believe that the lyrics of the song are engaging enough to be on your playlist? Share your opinion and participate in #DescobrindoMúsica! 🎧
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Man, that sound reminded me of the time I was listening to music on the subway and I sang wrong The guy next to me was laughing until I got off!
rafael_costa's avatar
I didn't find Mega Me to be very memorable... Something was missing that got me hooked on the song and made me want to listen again
Pedro_Hen.PH's avatar
bro, a bomb! It gives me a dance I'm already dancing to the floor! The voice mix of MC Nauan, Mc Gw, MC Nina, and Mc from CN is rocking and the OFFICIAL DJ Miller is the master of the beat. Let the sound roll and let's go dancing non-stop!
Caio.Machado's avatar
reminds me of the old ballads and parties I used to go with my friends. I love how MCs' voices combine and how the dance is engaging. It's a song that always makes me want to dance and has a lot of fun!
douglas_oliveira's avatar
does not leave my head! The dance is contagious and impossible not to dance. I loved the participation of the MCs and the production of the DJ
kerrybaztami's avatar
I've never heard anything like it! This dance is too much, it makes you want to go dancing right away. The MCs did very well and the DJ rocked the beat. It just needs to become a hit!
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very good
Kennedybraga665's avatar
top music but Rick and Morty already gone to favorite
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top too slk
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