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Just one more tear to cry, one teardrop from my eye

You better save it for

The middle of the night when things aren't black and white

Enter, Troubadour

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End of Beginning

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Allana de Assis's avatar
Allana de Assis
I love how the music in this song is so emotional and touching. It's the kind of rock that makes you feel like you're not alone in your emotions #EndofBeginning.
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Joshiii's avatar
the song is really nice to listen to, the lyrics are also very catchy, make me addicted to keep listening to it!
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Victor Manuel Espinosa
always reminds me of an important moment in my life.
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Shinsuya's avatar
whatever the problem is Listening to the song is the way one "
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☹️'s avatar
first upset song of 2024😔
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AndhikaS's avatar
The End of Beginning song made me remember the quarantine period, there were many new things at the beginning but there was only fatigue (tired). Djo really brought the voice and message that I needed!
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Inmaculada Tovar's avatar
Inmaculada Tovar
The lyrics in this song always make me feel grateful for the people around me and for all the blessings I have in my life.
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Marsya Jessyca
Djo's End of Beginning song gives us goosebumps! The sound is so cool and we want to listen again and again! 🔥🎶 # fun # penglagilagi # Djo
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Anderson_martins's avatar
all! the beats are so immersive that I can't stand still. Not to mention the lyrics that are so deep but so easy to identify. I feel free and happy every time I listen to this song
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ava shirley's avatar
ava shirley
Woah, End of Beginning got me feeling some type of way...such a powerful tune from Djo.
RobertoCarlosehrei's avatar
man, the flow is really cool! I love how firm the dance is and how mesmerizing the melody is. The lyrics are so deep and I feel like this song is about me. I can't even stop humming her as I walk down the street. It's definitely one of my all-time favorites.
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MarceloRibeiro's avatar
bro, this dance is really crazy! I'm feeling like an amazing vibe. You know that song you hear and can't stand still? It's exactly that! The energy of that sound is too much, impossible to resist. The lyrics are also cute and super real. There you go, my new musical addiction!
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Maya Custódio's avatar
Maya Custódio
I like how the music in this song makes you feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster. It is an intense and magical experience.
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JoaoRodriguesS's avatar
This song is just amazing! I can't stop listening. The rhythm is contagious and the lyrics are deep, making me reflect on life. The vocalist has a unique voice and fits perfectly in the structure of the song. It's definitely one of my favorites and whenever I need to cheer myself up.
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Eva María Avalos's avatar
Eva María Avalos
The lyrics in this song are so powerful. It's an ode to resistance and perseverance is simply a gem.
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kerrie❤️‍🔥's avatar
Yo, that End of Beginning track hits different! Cant get enough of Djos vibes.
Victor Santiago's avatar
Victor Santiago
I love the rhythm and the lyrics, I've already played them to the beat of my friends.
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Irna k
Ddna turn off the network 😚slow... tetep work professional 👍👍
Syaa リシャア♓️'s avatar
Syaa リシャア♓️
I always keep all the memories in all the songs I hear.
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