Tune in Together

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Ya me mordí uno

Yo ya no la busco

¿Dónde se las firmo?

Que hasta aquí llegó este asunto

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No Es Por Acá

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💝🙈chaparrita roxana🤩💋's avatar
💝🙈chaparrita roxana🤩💋
super love that canijo and to do duets with other artists as well.
Jorge Vidal's avatar
Jorge Vidal
Carin leon one of the best exponents of the genre, in these times.
Fatima Reyna's avatar
Fatima Reyna
I love the way the melody grows to explode at a climax.
Enzo Barone's avatar
Enzo Barone
has an incredibly uplifting and motivating vibe.
Ana Júlia de Abreu's avatar
Ana Júlia de Abreu
I love how the instruments create a sensual atmosphere in this song.
Arturo Fernández's avatar
Arturo Fernández
I love the lead singer's voice, she is so strict and passionate.
Vitor Battaglia's avatar
Vitor Battaglia
I love how the lyrics are so funny and witty.
Liz Colato's avatar
Liz Colato
has a very energetic and frenetic vibe
Rosario Bernal's avatar
Rosario Bernal
makes me feel like I'm at a carnival party
Sebastián Sánchez's avatar
Sebastián Sánchez
I love how the instruments interact to create a atmosphere in this song.
Sara Franco's avatar
Sara Franco
makes me feel like nothing can stop me
Yago Candido's avatar
Yago Candido
has a very fiery and seductive vibe
Sara Sánchez's avatar
Sara Sánchez
makes me feel like I'm at a live concert
Eduardo Guerrero's avatar
Eduardo Guerrero
it just makes me want to sing at the top of my lungs
Alice Carcalho's avatar
Alice Carcalho
I love how the instruments interact to create a catchy melody.
José Velasco's avatar
José Velasco
I love the lead singer's voice, it's so impressive.
Natalia Enriquez's avatar
Natalia Enriquez
I love the lyrics of this song, it's so intelligent and evocative.
Ramón Suárez's avatar
Ramón Suárez
I love how the instruments complement each other to create an exuberant melody in this song.
Raúl Ruíz's avatar
Raúl Ruíz
it just makes me want to go out dancing
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