Tune in Together

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E eu parava agora

O cansaço me atingiu

E eu desacelerei

O animo em mim sumiu

E eu parei

Parei pra respirar um pouco

E não desisti

Mas mesmo assim por mim eu parava agora

Meu coração entrou em alerta

Ficou exausto

Eu sinto o medo que me aperta

E me deixa assustado

Eu já teria tempos parado

Mas toda vez que eu tô cansado

Jesus me abastece

E me deixa claro

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Por Causa Dele

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Luiza_Machado's avatar
My God thinks of a song that enlivens me every time I listen, my heart only knows how to thank God in everything. Wordless for every word said in this song, IT WAS BECAUSE OF HIM THAT I NEVER GOT, thank you Jesus 😭😭
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It is because of the Lord Jesus that I continue to swim, even without knowing it. For He is my companion, in the midst of the tsunamis of my life.
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camilaRibeiro.77's avatar
Glory to God Glory Jesus... This praise rescues. calms. strengthens and helps us to follow the journey, many times during and celebrates only Jesus to help us
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Anagabi missões MFV 16
I love this praise too much. is very beautiful ❤️
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Evelyn Garcia dos santos
this song is amazing. makes people full of unsao and makes us think so many things
Bruno_Martins's avatar
it was because of him that i didn't give up when he loses my mother, and she asked me not to stop believing in you or be hurt by her departure that she was going happy!🙌😍
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jeremiahbalzarini's avatar
When I started hearing that praise, I didn't know if I heard it or 😭 😭😭😭 It's because of him that I haven't given up yet, it's because of Him that I'm still here... Thank you my sister Rosilene, I was really in need of hearing God talk to me ❤
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jessica_pereira's avatar
"I know he will help me" this is one of the phrases that you can be sure he will be the only one to understand you and help you, I can fail but I always knew he would be there for me always
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Isabella_Silva's avatar
every time i was tired and alone i was just there, times when only me and god knows how difficult it was, but he helped me and i'm here
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TikTok Music Brasil
The song Por Causa Dele (Live) has a simple instrumentation, especially on the guitar. The lyrics talk about the importance of God in a person's life and his influence on overcoming problems. The melody is soft and delicate. #Editorial Review
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TikTok Music Brasil
#KellenByanca is a gospel singer with an amazing vocal range, able to achieve high notes with ease and smoothness. #Curiosity
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Oh glory! every time I hear this hymn, I become stronger. The world is completely distorted, it's only being guided by Jesus and Jesus that we get standing up.
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TikTok Music Brasil
What other artists like Kellen Byanca and Jessé Aguiar would you recommend? #Discovering
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If we lived just because of him, we wouldn't suffer so much. We passed the afflictions confident that he is our safe haven.
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What a beautiful praise, when I think of I come here to listen to this hymn, and regain my strength. I remember God would never give up on me #gospel
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this song and mayor
eovitin_sz's avatar
this song heals my wound 😔😔😭😭😭
coutinhoOfc10's avatar
Come back Jesse, come back to God
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Raquel Souza de j152
how nice
filha de Deus🫀❤️‍🩹's avatar
filha de Deus🫀❤️‍🩹
amem 🙏🏻
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