Tune in Together

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Ten down for the rest now

Toast on them which left

Bitches really chasing money now

Chasing money down on my neck

Raise up for the rest now

Came up with that check

Bitches really tryna hate now but i stay down

Cause my mama was working

I was pardon us hurting

Can't look up to pops

Cause my dad's in the dirt

And my family broken but ain't nothing perfect

Been drunk through the mud

But thank god it was worth it

Now get in my own energy

Out on my own it's just me me and me

Never look back in my eyes on the street

Now that i left feel i'm finally free

Heart is cold i need a heater

Harder sound to be a leader

Hit them with a bop like it's autumn on a pier

Looking for the fraud

Yeah i think i'm reappear

Hanging with the ops

Thinking i ain't gonna see her shit

My momma was home when i left yeah

My daddy be gone and he rest yeah

My family gone through these tests

Shout out my sisters and brothers

But i stayed up cause i'm blessed

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