Tune in Together

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E é o nattanzinho

Tô indo embora

Na marra da força

Tô arrumando a mala

Mas eu tô molhando a roupa

Ainda te quero te amo pra p**a

Eu vou sentir saudades

Mas tu não não me deu escolha

Faz tempo que a gente não se toca

Eu não casei contigo pra dormir de costas

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Deusa Braga Lima
Addicted to this song ❤️
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I was here so good listening to this song when my dog started singing along! I almost died laughing, he has more talent than me
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NATTAN giving a show with his great voice, the guy has too much quality to delight everyone! There's way to be a #pisadinha hit! #voice
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TikTok Music
Hey, have you heard the song "Pelado" by NATTAN? What is your opinion about the instrumentation and rhythm of the song? Did you include this track on your playlist? Share your experience in the comments and participate in #DescobrindoMúsica 🎶💬
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Always tricky when we meet that person who chills your belly and wants nothing to do with you! We try to figure it out but they never get together! But if you send a "hi sdd" we'll already be together! "We understand each other by hair"
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Alessandra Baldo
this song gives me goosebumps, makes me horny, drives me crazy ❤️🤤
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addicted 🥰
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bad saw house and doesn't touch and bad Porã
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this is fuck
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Greice Kelly De Andr
rocked Natan congratulations success
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Greice Kelly De Andr
top music too
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Maria Rosa Dos Santos
I can't stay away from the resso, I'm back kkkkkkkkk, it's good music
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rocked this playlist you're crazy
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Eu no interior Paulista
Top music
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getting involved with the ex is one of the worst things he has, he has already disgraced his life and is still asking for an encore.
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Miguel Fly
this guy got it right again you're crazy bro
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Vanessa Ferreira
but I always come back ❤️😍
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graçy alves
the music of my life 💔
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Deiliane Dutra silva
what a fucking song did you see
addicted i am in natan
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