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Que ela fica louca louca

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Ela Fica Louca

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this song is pure fire! I love the frenetic dance and provocative lyrics of the MCs. Perfect for dancing to the floor with friends at a party. The participation of Os Gemeos da Putaria gave a special touch to the song. Without a doubt, Ela Está Louca is one of the best songs of the moment!
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bro, this song She's Crazy is too much, are you on? I really cut the beat, which is mega immersive. And that's not all, the MCs' lyrics are very heavy, and they command too much in the rhymes! The vibe she passes is all excited and up, you know? It makes me want to dance to the floor, non-stop!
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Man, I was listening to this song when a cat came into my house, climbed on the table and started dancing crazy Never heard this song the same way again!
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What is Mc Leozin, Daan MC, Mc Laranjinha and Os Gemeos da Putaria's favorite track in "Ela Esta Louca"? And which instrument or sound stood out most for you in the song? Share your opinion and be part of #DescobrindoMúsica 💬
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