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i wanna be your slave

i wanna be your master

i wanna make your heart beat run like rollercoaster

i wanna be a good boy

wanna be a gangster

cause you can be the beauty and i could be the monster

i love you since this morning

not just for aesthetic

i wanna touch your body

so f**g electric

i know you're scared of me

you say that i'm too centric

i'm crying all my tears and that's f**g pathetic

i wanna make you hungry

then i wanna feed you

i wanna paint your face like you're my mona lisa

i wanna be your champion

i wanna be your loser

i'll even be your clown cause i just wanna amuse you

i wanna be your sex toy

wanna be your teacher

i wanna be your sin

i wanna be your preacher

i wanna make you love me then i wanna leave you

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Max baby
song is fire! It's so addictive and I can't stop playing it on repeat. Shoutout to Shiah Maisel,The FifthGuys for creating a masterpiece that hits different. 馃敟馃敟馃敟
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