Tune in Together

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Olá rapazes aqui é a boiadeira

Estão preparados para o

Se prepara as boiadeiras não dão pra encarar

As boiadeiras não dão pra encarar

Bota a fivela

Na praia

Nós tá embaçada na galopada

Nem oito segundos

Pião não aguenta com essa sentada

Nós tá embaçada na garupada

Nem oito segundos

Pião não aguenta com essa sentada

Meu beijo vai te viciar

Minha pegada vai fazer você gamar

De baixo do meu chapéu não

Vai mais sair

Eu sou o combo perfeito pra iludir

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I loveoooooooo MN vibe too good, MN I'm addicted to this song 🧡 MN is very aqls right, gosh what a voice of Ana Castela. I go crazy in , why will it be right, it's the PI-PO-CO . MN really matches their voices. #PIPOCO #Anacastela #MELODY
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man I'm going to say something, the music is good and such, the touch is very brave and it sticks to the mind... agor the nelody ai ja part and another
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we know the lyrics because Ana sings. but the part that Melody enters is not understandable... we still need to work a lot on the diction part.
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POLYANA e seus moots's avatar
POLYANA e seus moots
a shit
Bianca p.f.o's avatar
Bianca p.f.o
i know that color song
TiaguinhoAlves's avatar
i only liked Ana's vis because meodi spoiled everything and the other singer too i think only you Ana's did much better but phaser what has already been done now right but the music is good i can't stop listening kkk
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brantwomack909's avatar
I'm not a fan of Melody, but to say she screwed up the song is trash in!! you who took her for Christ and hate everything she does...
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VanessaCosta_84's avatar
Melody didn't spoil the song, or would you all like the same voice? we all have different voices and she just sang the way she wants
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AnaLuizaCosta's avatar
Although Melody didn't have a voice like Ana and Cris, it was a bit different, mainly due to the lyrics, style, and rhythm, but it was good, just a bit different.
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Guilherme.Silveira's avatar
mn combined Mt with Melody's voice, it was pft this song mixed the rhythms and styles of music, it was composed with secondary music expiration. about Melody's voice is my opinion
Vanessa.Pereira's avatar
I don't understand why people are talking bad about the part where Melody sings, I really liked it and I think her voice in the song was very beautiful. I've never been a fan of Melody but it's really boring for people to criticize everything she does.
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camilaRibeiro.77's avatar
How can you be so mean to a 15 year old girl? Melody! This mix with the float was really cool! Different! Success! And one more bit of Dj Chris on Beat! Ana Castela? No conditions. 😍🥰😍🥰
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pedro.almeida's avatar
people talking about Melody's voice, I don't think she screwed up the song, just that her voice didn't combine much with the song, she's in the vocal discovery fact it's normal to force the voice to reach tones that she doesn't need to reach in the funk .
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camidesouza_'s avatar
From controversy to controversy, Melody leads the Top Hits in Brazil, speak ill but talk about me, it may even be a questionable method, but has the girl proven that it works, protagonist or antagonist?
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they say that melody sang a song that is not to her rhythm? as if that and funk pô? the ana castela who sings sertanejo and is singing funk very well slk. speak to light
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MarianaLopes_81's avatar
melody's voice is very beautiful but I think she made it slow her part should have been different and it doesn't stretch her voice
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It became a success, yes, everyone is playing this song, there's no denying that the music isn't good, it has a very engaging dance that draws attention. #sertanejodomomento #boiadeira
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in the part where Melody says her name, not even the lyrics know how to deal with Melody's unique language. it's like this. I deluded myself kkkk
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GiovannaRibeiro89's avatar
Bad people, in an assumed way, are much better than people who say they are "good," because the most ferocious cruelties are done by this type of person, the haters. Melody is a great singer!
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rodrigommmartins's avatar
I particularly didn't like the song..due to Melody's participation and in my opinion as it's not her style of music it didn't make sense for her to be there ..and if anyone felt offended sorry!!! it's good now that I explained it right!
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