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Sunday mornings were your favorite

I used to meet you down on Woods Creek Road

You did your hair up like you were famous

Even though it's only church where we were going

Now Sunday mornings I just sleep in

It's like I've buried my faith with you

I'm screaming at a God I don't know if I believe in

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In The Stars

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Bro Benson Boone, the melodic cue "In The Stars" really gave me goosebumps. Success continues! 🔥👍
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I've never lost anyone, but seriously... this song gave me such great pain. I felt endless pain through this song. but I loved the way it showed itself. and hopefully if anyone has been going through this. everything will be fine ❤️
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Wow, Benson Boone s In The Stars song is really nice to hear! I really like the chill music and the powerful vocals. Keep it up!
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This is the best!
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this music reminds me of someone mt special, the person I loved the most. She probably left before I could tell her this. Hope she is ok, wherever she is...
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Beautiful song by Benson Boone, you can feel his emotion from afar singing the song, even more so with this wonderful piano in the background! #emotion #piano
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when I want to feel my aunt's essence, I listen to this song and remember all our moments together! oh fuck, now I'm crying 😭 miss you aunt, I just wish I could hug you one more time, I love you
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this song touches me in an inexplicable way, I fell in love with the lyrics when I heard since then every time it plays I stop what I'm doing and listen carefully
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Gustavo_Cruz12's avatar
I can't even explain how this song moves me, I keep thinking about so many things I left and things I could have done, but now it's too late there are things that don't come back anymore 😔😔😔
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this song from nowhere comes hugged tight, bringing all that energy, there's only one thing to say: this song is great!!!
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Benson did it again! This song hits different and expresses my current situation perfectly. Could vibe to this all day long! 💫
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the song was so good and relate into our life, 💓🫂✨😍😇
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This song is sensational, it's kind of very perfect. Wait for the headphones, turn up the volume to the maximum, close your eyes, relax and keep thinking about life, I don't know, anything. It's veryooooo good.
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just tell me you want to leave!! you don't have to tell me still miss me and thinking about me when I found that you are different from the first time we talked to each other. Leave now, I'm doing ok
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TikTok Music Latin
Benson Boone managed to go viral on TikTok with his song In The Stars after several people started using it as sound in their videos on the platform. #Fact
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TikTok Music Brasil
What is your opinion about the sound of "In The Stars"? Did the magnetic beats go well with Benson Boone's voice? Tell us and participate in #DecobrindoMúsica 🔊
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Leave all the rush aside, as soon as possible. Embrace the contained breaks in the music of life, find your rhythm and just dance.
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"In The Stars" is a heartwarming track from Benson Boone that encapsulates the emotion of long-distance relationships and the hope of a reunion. The powerful vocals and stripped-down acoustic guitar create a beautiful, intimate setting for the lyrics to shine. Boone's raw vulnerability adds emotion to the relatable theme, leaving listeners with a feeling of longing and optimism. #BehindtheMusic
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TikTok Music Latin
If you like Benson Boone's style, I recommend you listen to Conor Matthews. His soft voice and indie pop style will captivate you from the start. Conor is a talented up-and-coming musician and I'm sure you'll enjoy his songs as much as I did - find out now! #Discovery
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