Tune in Together

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Um galo cantando no terreiro

Anunciando que o dia raiou

No rádio sai a voz de um violeiro

Cantando os seus casos de amor

Longe da cidade pouca vaidade

Alma e um coração sem dor

Um beija flor moreno

Num dia sereno são coisas do interior

Eles nunca vão entender

O quanto a gente é feliz

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Coisas do Interior

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Really good...our ears and days are lacking in good music that has poetry in the lyrics! Enough of the that some call it music. Saying congratulations is too little for Zé Vaqueiro!!! 🤠📃✍🏽🎤🎶
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Guys, I was listening to this and laughing out loud, remembering the time my grandmother tried to use slang and it came out mano velhusca. We laughed too much!
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Zé cowboy bosses too much in the lyrics, his voice has an incredible melody, he is too talented an idol. #idol
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Oooooh good thing about #Zevaqueiro, eh! I started listening to his songs recently and it's just #joy, I really like his style!
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"Coisas do Interior" features instrumentation dominated by guitar and accordions, plus a zabumba dance . The lyrics portray the appearance of a simple and peaceful life inside. The melody is and contagious, with an easy and chorus. #Reviewal
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Zé Vaqueiro was raised in the countryside and learned to play the accordion by himself at the age of 12. In addition to singing and composing, he also works in the countryside and is known for valuing his country roots. #Curiosity
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TikTok Music
What other songs and artists do you recommend for those who like Zé Vaqueiro? #Discovering
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too many
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ohhhh" the original, amei♥️😍
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This song reminds me of many things!!!
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Raquel Cardoso
I love dms 💖
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Lourival Santtos 
Only those from the interior will understand 🥹🥹🫶🏼🫶🏼
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Paulo Castro
Legend has it that if you like my comment, you'll be rich by the end of the year!!!
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