Tune in Together

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Não queria ter visto a mensagem na tela

Sempre acreditei em quem você dizia que era eu

Porque eu me entreguei pra quem eu só criei

Na minha cabeça

No final só sobrou pra minha cabeça

Mas ainda bem que eu não fiquei

Sabendo por outra pessoa que você tava aí

Beijando outras bocas sacanagem

Não vou sofrer

Por um chifre de primeira viagem

Se valorize se não ninguém

Dá valor se ame primeiro

Se não ninguém te dá amor verdadeiro

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I learned to live for myself...love yourself beyond anything and that person who is with you regardless of situation or financial, health, family has to value because after you lose it is difficult to find a person to accompany you😘
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when you still don't know what to love yourself...You will always suffer for someone...but i learned kkkk the world turns and you learn.
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#zevaqueiro worse than it was only 1 horn from the first trip, it had a round trip, 2 and 3 trips, so I didn't need a pillow anymore and I woke up for life. I gave it a shot in the fanfare
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I always broke my face a lot when it comes to romance. I remember a boy who was dating and staying cmg and about 10 from college. I learned #dopiorjeito possible when a girl humiliated me at a party and he didn't do anything. #original
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disappointment strengthens us and teaches us to have self-love, and teaches us that most of the time we are the ones who hate others when in the end they are just one more...
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I realized that I have to be where they make me bm! where I am valued, attention in the right measure! reciprocity, if I give affection I want affection in the same intensity
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#dopiorjeito I learned that life is not how my mother told me. It's much worse. Inverted values and lack of respect and compassion for others!
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ôôh music, it even made you want to have one. We are often in a relationship, where we are so in love that we are blind, but there comes a time when our eyes open. In my case I saw a message from my ex making an encounter with another😢. #zevaqueiro #piorjeito
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I learned the worst way that suffering is part of life, we can never give up, life is made up of moments and living and learning
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I fell madly in love with a Korean boy who studied at the same college as me. He and his colleagues had made a bet for him conquistar.Eu I found out and ignored him. Then he fell in love with me.
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I had a bad relationship, after I broke up I saw that I was pregnant. It was the WORST JUST I found out, but today my son is my EVERYTHING, THE BEST THING that could have happened to me, with him I found out what real love really is, he has ASD and taught me to be a better person.
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Life teaches, people come and go, it values why one hour you can wake up and see that it is not where you wanted to be, value people, moments, because everything in the world is fast! #zevaqueiro!
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My sister came to show me this song saying it was exactly the advice I gave her when she was going through the same situation, we have to love each other above all else #sevaluize #zevaqueiro
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I learned to live, with a Free Spirit. always with Respect. Love from the inside out. so we learn that Life is moments..#zevaqueiro #dopiorjeito #original . and so we also live in love for music..bjus!
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I found it the worst way I could be gay, because I got married on paper to a woman 6 years ago. today I'm very successful, I got engaged and I'm very happy. Ate casei again so with a man #zevaqueiro
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#dopiorjeito When cheating on the person he loved, thinking he had cheated on me and in the end he ñ had cheated on me..and yes making a surprise for c declares😞
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So much so that I took shortcuts in love, I ended up finding my own path, the same before more different than yesterday. #zevaqueiro #dopiorjeito
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I always knew I was capable, but something was knocking me back, but my faith in God made me feel like winning and I was able to be happy.
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#zevaqueiro it was the WORST thing to find out why his ex didn't show up for our engagement lunch. He went out at the party and slept with a "friend" of mine and lost a 3-month-old baby because of this disappointment. THE BEST THING is knowing that this relationship was a spanner for life.
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I gave him the greatest strength to visit his Father and he betrayed me, on that visit and deceived me all the time, today I don't believe in love anymore!!!
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