Tune in Together

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Se o Sol não voltar amanhã

Eu uso seu sorriso pra iluminar meu dia

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Mc Gabzin sent a lot in these lyrics, he has an amazing voice and the melody of the song was perfect. #funk
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Brava msm on.... I loved this song ❤️✨ 'm always listening and it doesn't get out of my head.... Can you understand that I love you and you just need to notice it's hard to understand or will I have to draw? howw❤️🤞🏻
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What a perfect sound, I met this guy now, how come this guy isn't in the most famous media? So top music #funk
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perfect music man
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This song makes me feel nostalgic for the past and hopeful for the future I remember dancing with friends at a show and laughing so hard my cheeks hurt
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a vibe! It's impossible to stand still when you play The lyrics talk a lot about self-esteem and self-esteem, you know? It is a very positive and inspiring message
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these gabzin songs are really good, I identify with them a lot, just one of the best I've heard hj every day ❤️‍🩹#lovethissong #love
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so beautiful strange it would be if i didn't fall for you i'd do what if mine. weak is to see you come down Will it give me to understand 😭
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I confess that I had never heard this one by Gabzin, but I found this beat aesthetic sensational! I love remembering many good moments ❤️🔝 #momentos #lovethissong
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Rivia Santos
I love this song 😍🍀
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k7zada 🦖
Launched the braba
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Thay Almeida
"I virwi fan"♥️
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Coutinho Lz
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