Tune in Together

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Porto Alegre

Quem ama dá valor

E pensa no que faz

Quando existe amor

O coração não trai

Tô sentindo você tão distante

Se arrumando demais pra sair

Cada dia tá mais elegante

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Who out there has never been through a situation like this before? Feeling the person you love walk away is very difficult, but it's important to remember that we have our courage and it's not worth diminishing ourselves for anyone #ends
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Gustavo Lima is the king of sertanejo, he can sing more sophisticated sertanejos, he can sing more romantically and even suffers like that, the guy is out of the curve even #Reidosertanejo
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Listening to this song and seeing how Gustavo Lima evolved in his lyrics, at first I didn't like it but his evolution conquered me and for some time now I will certainly become another fan. #evolution
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Giovani Dos Santos
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top this song 🎶
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Good afternoon. what rain is this here in the Rio Grande do Norte RN. Most of it is cloudy... rain loads. Gusttavo Lima You are top.
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this one really knows how to make quality music so top notch! this boot the people to drink and cry only the brabas
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May this dawn bring us more will to live and a lot of faith to achieve our goals. Starting a new day over gives us the opportunity to renew our determination. And what was far from our horizon may come closer than ever.
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Gustavo Lima is a real artist, the guy is funny, he sings super well, he composes beautiful songs that really move our hearts. Very talented!! #hits #talent #legend
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AL BB definitely an amazing singles and that voice too good to hear.... a delight to dance... too good to send that chat.... anyway .... it's you right Gustavo could only be + Q D + ! #GustavoLima #OEmbassador
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This song always played at a party I used to go to! When I hear it on the radio that's what I always remember! Of the moments of the parties! #memories
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Sometimes I suffered, cried, drank far beyond, thinking the world would end for me, just because that special person wasn't able to make me happy. Now, I don't want to go through this anymore, I need to give my heart some time to recover from so much damage suffered.
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What an honor to have an ambassador clip in our capital Porto Alegre! moment of a sensational day at Buteco's concert. Another BB success!
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because it's a long story ending wouldn't be enough...I recommend a new chance for new beginnings. that's it, loves, life is short to suffer for something that doesn't go ahead.. But the issue can happen is commitment when home wants to make it work.
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Gustavo Lima is simply a singer who plays in our soul. He sings very well and makes us return to our former relationships and live unforgettable moments. His clothes are fantastic, a lot like his tights and open shirts showing his beautiful chest. he beautiful
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"I am and have always been a victim of love. Because too much love harms. Because less love harms. Because love is made of drink: it has to make the dose right" HUNTING
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We listen, cry, laugh, get hopeful. It's a mix of emotions! Just the music to bring this kind of impact on us! ahah! #emotions
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"Whoever loves courage and thinks about what he does" I'm sure many relationships would continue to work if he took that part of the letter for life. #burningvalue #relationship
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Gustavo Lima sings with this emotion in all his songs. He gives the impression that, first he lived the lyrics, and then he was able to present them. #sertanejo
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Did you know? The christening name Nivaldo (Gustavo Lima) is in honor of a cousin. In fact, the singer would be named Samuel. But at the last moment, the father, Alcino, changed his mind and the son became Nivaldo.
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