Tune in Together

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Tinha tomado um bolo de um esquema fixo

Eu cheguei no boteco e já vi seu sorriso

Cê salvou minha noite

Oh deus que que isso é o amor da minha vida

Dentro de um vestido

Sentei do seu lado investir pesado

Chamou minha cantada de brega

Mas sorria da minha conversa

Deixa eu fui beijado

Tô mais apaixonado a coisa esquentou no boteco

Vamos pra um lugar eu quero

Ei trenzão

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Vestido No Chão

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I believe in love at first sight I think that when it's meant to be you will find your true love will recognize it from afar. #passion
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TikTok Music Brasil
In 2016, Hugo & Guilherme recorded their first DVD, Acoustic and Live, for 200 guests, with an intimate and natural setting. #Curiosity
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This song brings me a mix of kkkk sensations. You can bet that when I put on the sound of my car with my mother with me she always thinks I'm suffering 🤣 #amomuito
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refers to parties for family and friends, dancing clinging with someone special. Listen to the romantic lyrics and the voice of the singers
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man, this song can't get out of your head! The chorus is super sticky and the rhythm is too lively. I love the mix of instruments and the guys' voice. It's sure to have a good party!
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I think Vestido No Chão (Live) is a song that didn't get much attention from me. The lyrics are a bit and the melody doesn't seem very original to me
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man, this song by Hugo & Guilherme is so delicious that I already start to move when it starts playing! The rhythm is contagious and the chorus sticks to my head like gum. The voice of the two together is a perfect combination, it makes you want to go dancing non-stop until the dress falls off!
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TikTok Music Brasil
Have you heard of Zé Neto & Cristiano? They are amazing! #Discovering
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TikTok Music Brasil
"Vestido No Chão" by #Hugo&Guilherme has predominantly guitar and percussion instrumentation. The lyrics address a relationship between a man and a woman. The melody is simple and lively, with an easy-to-memory chorus. #Reviewal
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Dude, I was hearing this here and out of nowhere my mom showed up dancing thinking I was listening to sertanejo Coitada, I'm listening to Bon Jovi!
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Sara Rhaniellen Nunes
I always hear dressed on the floor
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Augusto e Rafael
Dress on the floor 😜 That's too much bo!!!!
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I had the opportunity to dance to this song at a live show by Hugo and Guilherme in Aracaju. The vibe of this song involves you even more with its partner #naopodeparar
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Hugo and Guilherme smash the lyrics, their voice matches too much and their dance is really good #SouRomantico
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Vinicius Prates
This song has my heart
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