Tune in Together

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Oi nomás

Ahí te va, mi amor


Préstame tu corazón

Pa' juntarlo con el mío

Me hace falta tanto amor

Para sentirme más vivo

Mi camino quiero que sea contigo

Y dejemos eso de ser solo amigos

Préstame tu corazón

Y Haré la historia perfecta

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Préstame Tu Corazón

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What do you think of the song "Préstame Tu Corazón" by #EfectoElegante? Do you think his instrumentation is the best part of the song or do you prefer his lyrics? Tell us what you thought of this piece of music in the comments and add your experience to the #Discovery. 💬
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Juan Perez
I love how the lyrics talk about the love that heals the heart. It does me so much good to hear this song!
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Yago Candido
The lyrics stay in the mind. 🎶
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Jose Miguel Leon
It's impossible not to dance with her. Manos de Tijera is my new musical!
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Arthur Gabriel Corrêa
It transports me to a place where music is the universal language and everyone speaks from the heart!
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Ivan Herrera
I like the lyrics of prestame tu corazón, although the rhythm is not my style. But still, I would listen to them again.
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