Tune in Together

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Si estoy donde estoy, no crean que fue suerte

Le chingué bien cabrón, ahora seguimos más fuertes

Todo empezó por el amor a los billetes

Nunca tuve miedo, de mi Dios la bendición

En una Tahoe en la que el muchacho se mueve

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Seguimos Más Fuertes

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Leonardo Sanchéz's avatar
Leonardo Sanchéz
This song is like a breath of fresh air. The melody is revitalizing and the lyrics are totally my vibe. The instrumentation is stimulating, it fills you with positive energy #we keep stronger.
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Maria Flor de Moraes's avatar
Maria Flor de Moraes
This song has such a positive energy that it makes me feel like I can conquer the world. Its optimistic pace and motivating lyrics fill me with confidence and determination to face any challenge.
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Heloísa Chagas's avatar
Heloísa Chagas
This song is an ode to life. Its inspiring lyrics and optimistic melody fill you with hope and joy. It is like a reminder that every day is an opportunity to be happy.
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Gabriel Abreu's avatar
Gabriel Abreu
This song is like a virtual hug!
Apollo Buzatto's avatar
Apollo Buzatto
is a truly spectacular masterpiece!
Enzo Barone's avatar
Enzo Barone
I love how it makes me feel in tune with the universe!
Ernesto Fernández's avatar
Ernesto Fernández
Vibe irresistible that makes you love more!
Cauã Batista's avatar
Cauã Batista
what a good choice of music to lift the spirits this song is a blast!
Ícaro Campos's avatar
Ícaro Campos
rhythm that makes you fly! 🚀
Tomás Castro's avatar
Tomás Castro
rhythm that makes you dance bro!
Mathias Blanco's avatar
Mathias Blanco
Strong energy, vibrant and seductive rhythm!
Davi Lucas Bispo's avatar
Davi Lucas Bispo
What a fiery rock wey!
Levi Assunção's avatar
Levi Assunção
Enveloping melody magnificent voice!
Osvaldo Lima's avatar
Osvaldo Lima
Rhythm that puts!
Alfonso Avila's avatar
Alfonso Avila
It is a song that motivates me
Enrique Vargas's avatar
Enrique Vargas
The musical arrangements on this track are a real treat for the ears. Each instrument is masterfully fused to create an enveloping melody.
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Enrico Battisti's avatar
Enrico Battisti
I love the melody and the chorus is so catchy. I can't help but sing it all the time!
Raúl Pérez's avatar
Raúl Pérez
An experience that takes my breath away! Emotional lyrics
Caio Barros's avatar
Caio Barros
The truth is, I didn't like it very much we are still stronger, it sounds very and the lyrics don't tell me much. #noesmirollito
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